Time To Tell is a child sexual abuse prevention project grounded in the core values of healing, social justice and joy. We envision a day when all children will grow up safe and sound in their families and communities. We believe that to reach that day scores of people need to tell their stories. Stories from all of us, whether touched by someone else’s abuse or ravaged by the devastation of incest, everyone deserves support to find a way to tell their story. Donna Jenson, founder of TTT, knows firsthand the healing capacity of telling one’s story and the door to awareness such storytelling can open for others. Donna has spoken eloquently in public forums, performances and with friends and families throughout her career.

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What She Knows

““What She Knows helps us feel the deep pain of child sexual abuse. It helps victims of abuse know there is hope and a brighter tomorrow. The courage of Donna Jenson gives us all the inspiration to be active partners in preventing child sexual abuse.”
–David E. Sullivan, Northwestern District Attorney,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts