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Stetson School for Boys and Youth: Barre, MA.
Feedback at a Performance & Dialogue from boys who have sexually abused others:
“That lady’s play made me have more empathy because I could see how she felt.” - NS, age 15

“I wanted to congratulate her on what she’s done and her bravery.  Her speech made me realize the impact of sexual abuse on victims and their feelings.” - KM, age 16

“Her speech made me think about my victim and how they feel.  It helped me understand what I did was wrong.” - MJ, age 14

“She made me feel better about disclosing to my (therapy) group because if she can have the courage to speak in front of hundreds of people, then I can do it in front of my small group.” -BF, age 16

“Listening to her will help me break my own cycle of abuse and to never hurt anyone again.” - JA, age 17

“It has affected me to the point where I am speechless, but in a good way.  I liked it when [she] danced to Elvis.  I also really liked the guitar.  Tell her to keep doing the good work she is doing.” - HV, age 18

“Seeing the play changed my way of thinking.” - CM, age 16

“It makes me feel like I could get better. That lady really helped me develop empathy because I could see how she felt.” - TG, age 15

“What She Knows helps us feel the deep pain of child sexual abuse.  It helps victims of abuse know there is hope and a brighter tomorrow.  The courage of Donna Jenson gives us all the inspiration to be active partners in preventing child sexual abuse.” David E. Sullivan, Northwestern District Attorney, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

“Hearing Donna’s story and John’s music I feel cleansed.” -Audience Member Springfield, MA 2011